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18 Human Problems Delightfully Illustrated By Animals

Or why you need to follow Animal Problems on Tumblr immediately.

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2. He tells BuzzFeed News: that he "started the series as a challenge to myself to come up with a new one daily."

He's had to scale back so he can concentrate on other work. He says: "My day job is a graphic designer, and I'm also working on a picture book that I desperately want to finish so that I can start looking for an agent/publisher."


10. "And most of all, I just hope that people enjoy them."

"Whether the problem simply makes you chuckle for a moment at a goofy pun with a cute octopus, or makes you think about an important social issue, I hope your day is at least a tiny bit better for having seen it."


13. "I don't have too many favorite individual artists; I more find individual pieces of art here and there that really affect me."

"I can safely say, however, that I love Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes); but then again who doesn't?"

16. "Also, since the verbal side of art/humor is important to be along with the visual, I must mention how much I love the TV shows Home Movies and Dr. Katz Professional Therapist."

"They come from the same animation studio and both have this very naturalistic approach to dialogue. Home Movies has these tiny subtle moments that aren't laugh out loud funny, but are just so so great. And the show Adventure Time has moments of real brilliance both visually and story wise."