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17 Of The Most Important Babies With Eyebrows

These people are old beyond their years.

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17. The serious man of business.

This baby is a high-flying executive. He wanted that report YESTERDAY and he wants to know what the hell you're playing at.

16. The furious Japanese Shogun.

This baby is deeply concerned by the rising influence of disgruntled Samurai clans and the pressure to sign a commercial treaty with the U.S.

15. The master of disguise.

Essentially the baby Sherlock.

14. The Noel Gallagher.

"Until you've actually thrown a television set out of a window you don't even know the sense of joy that that brings."


13. The 1930s music hall comedian.

Seconds away from pulling out his banjo and charming the drunk crowds with a little ditty of his own composing.

12. The happy Michael Keaton.

Remembering the good times, around about Beetlejuice.

11. The grumpy teenager.

Wanted to go to the house party, wasn't allowed and YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD.

10. John Lennon.

Imagine this baby without glasses and a moustache / It's easy if you try.


9. The Victorian circus ringmaster.

Sleary's Big Top featured the greatest lion-tamer of its generation.

7. The diabolical Cardinal.

He will have his revenge on D'Artagnan, in this life or the next.

6. The concerned super-hero.

Struggling to deal with Earth's fate resting on his shoulders at such a young age.


5. The disgruntled food critic.

"You deconstructed a lasagne? Oh, HOW original."

4. The prison yard bully.

You do what he says new kid, or life's about to get very difficult for you.

3. The devious master villain.


2. The 70s detective.

This baby is going to crack the case and he's damned if he's playing by your rules Lieutenant. Go on, take his badge and gun.