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    17 Of The Most Important Babies With Eyebrows

    These people are old beyond their years.

    17. The serious man of business.

    16. The furious Japanese Shogun.

    15. The master of disguise.

    Essentially the baby Sherlock.

    14. The Noel Gallagher.

    13. The 1930s music hall comedian.

    12. The happy Michael Keaton.

    11. The grumpy teenager.

    10. John Lennon.

    9. The Victorian circus ringmaster.

    8. The bored middle manager.

    7. The diabolical Cardinal.

    6. The concerned super-hero.

    5. The disgruntled food critic.

    4. The prison yard bully.

    3. The devious master villain.

    2. The 70s detective.

    1. The startled snowboarder.