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    16 Delightful Made-Up Words

    Illustrator Rinee Shah is attempting to form a definitive catalogue of the words we share with family and friends.

    A few years ago, I did an illustration project called Seinfood, and my favorite part about it was that people were sharing it with their friends and family because of a shared nostalgia from watching the show together. I was recently watching an old episode of The West Wing, and one of the characters said a strange word and then said he realized that it was probably just a word his mother made up, and it occurred to me that that probably happens to people all the time.

    1. Gotchies.

    2. The Quincy.

    3. Chicken milk.

    4. Yonies.

    5. Debo.

    6. Dupa.

    7. Barking Spider.

    8. Skonk.

    9. Frubie.

    10. Schmerfed.


    12. Deli-shoes.

    13. Chanks.

    14. Bang.

    15. Geedunks.

    16. Boss of the Peas.