15 Things That Look Like Jennifer Lawrence At The Oscars

All of them ADORABLE.

This is Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars.

BuzzFeed / E!


1. This is Professor Quirrell.

2. These are some collapsing goats.


3. This is a bunny.

4. This is a Hobbit.

5. This is a Stitch.

6. This is a small dog.

7. This is a kitten.

8. This is another bunny.

9. And these are some more goats.

This is also Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars.

Adrees Latif / Reuters

10. This is a hamster.

11. This is a pug.

12. This is a hedgehog.

13. This is a Jon Stewart.

Comedy Central

14. These are some lemurs.

15. And this is a Buster Bluth.

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