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    15 Stunning Pictures Of Europe From A Dronecopter

    These beautiful pictures were taken by photographer Amos Chapple.

    1. Clouds swirl through the pillars of Sagrat Cor Church, high on a hill above Barcelona, Spain.

    2. The "Eixample" district with Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain.

    3. The "Toompea" in Tallin's old town, Estonia.

    4. Mother Armenia looking out over Yerevan and towards Turkey.

    5. Sacré-Coeur glowing in a hazy sunrise, Paris, France.

    6. Buda castle, Budapest, Hungary.

    7. The Mtkvari River winding through Tbilisi, Georgia.

    8. The spiky skyline of Istanbul as a freighter sails for the Sea of Marmara.

    9. The Vittoria Light overlooking the Gulf of Trieste at sunset, Italy.

    10. The windswept Liberty Statue overlooking Budapest, Hungary.

    11. Russian holidaymakers on the beach in Abkhazia.

    12. Sagrat Cor Church, Barcelona, Spain.

    13. A barge chugs along the Magdeburg Water Bridge, Germany.

    14. The star fort at Bourtange, Netherlands

    15. Buda castle, Budapest, Hungary.