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    15 Status Updates From Kids Who Don't Quite Live Life On The Edge

    Just remember: #YOLO

    1. This rebel who just stuck it to the man.

    2. This joker who should NEVER be left drunk in charge of a broom.

    3. Danny, who's dangerous. So dangerous.

    4. Dean, who's an absolute madman.

    5. This girl who has some amazing KFC banter.

    6. These three absolute LOONS who were left alone with some pasta and cooked it as a result.

    7. Anyone who knows what a laugh it is to go to the supermarket.

    8. Any crazy fool who pulls a stunt like this.

    9. James, who's so Rock 'n' Roll you have to fear for his health.

    10. Lily, who's an absolute animal.

    11. Liam, who JUST DON'T CARE.

    12. Heather, who needs to be stopped for her own good.

    13. Becky, who straight up shouldn't be allowed in a supermarket.

    14. George, who looks like a danger to society.

    15. And this girl, who's having a MAD night.