13 Extraordinary Pictures By Artists With Autism

    In Drawing Autism, New York-based behaviour analyst Jill Mullin compiles more than 50 works by children and adults who fall on the autism spectrum.

    1. "River Street, Troy, NY", by James Kenneally.

    2. "Birds", by David Barth.

    3. "Lost in Thought", by Kay Aitch.

    4. "Streetcar in Hanoi", by Shawn Belanger.

    5. "Apes", by David Barth.

    6. "Music Man", by Shawn Belanger.

    7. "Girl and Goat", by Justin L. Williams.

    8. "A Portrait of the Artist", by Emily L. Williams.

    9. "Inside-Outside Vortex from "Dream Series" (Dream Date December 23, 1987)", by Steven Sandor Selpal.

    10. "All About Money", by Marilyn Cosho.

    11. "Worst Fear", by Marilyn Cosho.

    12. "Panther", by Emily L. Williams.

    13. "Underground", by David Barth.