11 Maps Of Countries And Continents Made From Their Iconic Foods

    Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin put these clever maps together.

    1. Henry tells BuzzFeed: "They were inspired by our passion for travel."

    2. "Exploring new places through the food you eat is often a portal to the cultural complexities of that place."

    3. "While we know that tomatoes originally came from the Andes in South America, Italy has become the tomato king."

    4. "These maps show how food has traveled the globe - transforming and becoming a part of the cultural identity of that place."

    5. "Who doesn't know the saying "throw some shrimp on the barbie" and not think of Australia?"

    6. "Who goes to France without eating bread and cheese?"

    7. "And who makes a Brazilian caipirinha without a fistful of limes?"

    8. "These maps are a playful representation of our interpretation of food from around the world, painstakingly created with real unadulterated food."

    9. "This project speaks to the universality of how food unites people."

    10. "It brings us together and starts conversation."

    11. "Something we hope these maps will do too."

    12. Here's a "making of" video.