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11 Extraordinarily Racy Works Of Vintage Erotica

Because there was smut long, long before the Internet. All images from the Wellcome Collection.

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1. This excited man being ridden like a horse, circa 1880. / Creative Commons

2. This image showing two lovers pleasuring each other, from an 1825 erotic book called Invocation à l'amour. / Creative Commons / Buzzfeed

3. Which also contains illustrations like this.

4. And this.

5. This Nineteenth Century Indian image of two women with root vegetables that they hopefully won't later eat.

6. Which comes from the same collection as this illustration of a man doing unspeakable things with a goat. / Creative Commons / Alan White / BuzzFeed

7. And this man having a run-in with a devil. / Creative Commons / Alan White / BuzzFeed

8. And this man getting far, far too excited over some birds.

9. This Chinese illustration of a couple being spied on. / Creative Commons / Alan White / BuzzFeed

10. This Persian couple from 1824 doing much the same. / Creative Commons

11. And these porcelain fruit from 1900, which have quite a surprise inside. / Creative Commons / Creative Commons