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11 Dogs Who Are Very Happy Because They Are Sitting In Cars

You can actually buy a book full of pictures of dogs in cars now. Here are 11 of them, and their backstories. Which I may have had to make up.

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1. This dog just floated his internet startup on the stock market for millions. Now he cruises the streets of San Francisco at night, 90s R&B blaring from his sound system, looking for ladies to go to the club with him.

2. This dog just quit his tedious data entry job. He's on his way to a friend's hut in Wisconsin. The plan is to finally record that acoustic album and be the next Bon Iver, but he'll actually end up watching TV till two in the morning every night.


3. These sisters have both just HAD IT UP TO HERE with their men. They're off for a spa weekend in the Cotswolds. One of them will get drunk and flirt with an IT consultant from Swindon but her sibling will shut it down pretty quickly.

4. This dog is with his crew for a friend's stag in Las Vegas. They're in their thirties now, they don't get time like this any more, so they're going to go crazy. That said it's only 10 a.m. and though drunk, he's already missing his wife and kid.

5. These kids are being taken on a camping holiday in France by their parents. The one on the left is seconds away from vomiting on his sister's head (centre). The one on the right needs a wee. Their parents are already regretting this.

6. These dogs run a high-end dog society magazine called Little Black Book and they're currently discussing how they can get access to a viscount's birthday party at the weekend. They're also tired of their owner's friends mistaking them for cushions.

7. These dogs are on their way for a surfing weekend in North Devon. They're optimistic about catching some huuuuuge waves. One of them's just bought a Go Pro which he plans to attach to a kite. It will be lost in the sea.

8. These guys are the hot new hip hop crew on the dog scene. After putting in the hard yards at grotty rap battles, a big label picked them up. There are already tensions: the one on the right thinks the one next to him has been stealing his deepest bars.

9. Hank Moody dog is a supremely talented writer who can't stop letting his wife and daughter down and seems trapped in a never ending spiral of drugs, drink and debauchery. Needs to get out of LA.

10. This dog served in the police for 40 years and has seen and done it all. His grandchildren are kind of bored of hearing the same stories all the time, but in fairness his one about the Weimaraner who tried to defraud Lloyd's of London is good.

11. Dog in the taxi back from the airport after pitching to some buyers in the U.S. and smashing his targets. Has treated himself to a bottle of fizz from Gatwick M&S which he'll drink all to himself while watching Netflix tonight. Life is gooood.