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    10 Disturbing Pictures Of Ordinary Objects That Have Been Used To Murder People

    Ed James says these images are intended to make people feel "uneasy and yet intrigued."

    1. Ed James is a 43-year-old photographer, born in Wales, who's lived in Athens, Georgia, for the last seven years.

    2. James told BuzzFeed News: "Being an advertising photographer for 18 years, I have always been involved in ideas. I just wanted to think of something that was not so commercial."

    3. "So, starting with the fact that most of what I do is still life-based I thought of objects – then alternative ways to use objects."

    4. "While I was online I found some articles on murders that had been committed with 'strange' weapons."

    5. "As I researched it I found more so decided to shoot a series on these bizarre murder weapons."

    6. "I then photographed them in the studio. I wanted each object to be unusually lit and out of context to mirror the way the killers used them."

    7. "The objects are not the actual murder weapons that were used: I wanted to just use clean everyday objects and thought that this would best illustrate their bizarre use."

    8. "All the information I found was in online articles. I did not want to use names as these were all real crimes. I thought that a brief description of place, age, and sex would be appropriate."

    9. "Although the subject is a 'dark' one, I would like to think that the final images reflect the opposite of what the object was used for."

    10. Check James's work out on his website and follow him on Facebook here.