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    Choosing The Right Socks

    Choosing The Right Socks

    Outdoor activities are tough on your feet, so a pair of high-tech socks is your first line of defense to have dry, comfortable, blister-free feet. Although the term "technical socks" might sound funny, they cannot be compared to your old cotton socks.

    This article compares your options when choosing a pair of socks.

    Athletic/multi-sport socks: This wide category ranges from traditional white gym socks (upgraded with moisture absorbing fabrics) to technical socks for multi-sport and jogging training. Most provide some cushioning on the sole of the foot, but they generally have a minimum volume.

    Running Socks: These socks range from a thin liner with very little padding to those with dense cushioning in the heel and sole. Some runners prefer less padding for a better fit to the shoe, while others prefer more padding for added cushioning and reduce foot fatigue.

    Walk Socks: These offer to cushion and moisture-absorbing properties for a more comfortable walk.

    Casual Socks: Although distinguished by its casual style (colors, stripes, etc.), these lightweight socks are generally made of high-performance fabrics, such as merino wool.

    Light hiking socks: These relatively thin socks provide a good fit for hikers with high-volume feet (i.e. feet are wide or have a high instep). They absorb moisture and offer modest cushioning in the heel and sole. They are thinner, especially at the top, than medium weight socks and can be worn with or without liner socks.

    Average hiking weight socks: Its extra thickness gives a good fit for hikers with low-volume feet (i.e. with narrow feet or having a low instep). They offer more padding on the heel and sole than lightweight mountain socks. In addition, they have more cushioning in the upper part of the foot and the spring in the leg to improve the comfort in the long trails. They can be used with or without liner socks.

    Mountaineering Socks: These socks are your thickest choice, with extra volume and padding to withstand the toughest conditions.

    Ski & Snowboard Socks: These have more padding in the bobbin area and usually underfoot as well. They are thin and do not claim to provide significant heat, rather they are meant to protect the feet from pressure points inside the boots. Its design also serves not to interfere with the energy needed to make quick turns.

    New Performance Socks with Compression by MotoChic Gear®.


    Traditionally used as a remedy for seniors with circulation problems, therapeutic compression socks have grown in popularity among travelers and sports enthusiasts driven by medical findings that show compression helps increase blood flow, speed muscle recovery, and decrease muscle soreness. MotoChic Gear® Performance Socks are made from a high quality polyamide fabric that offers comfort and flexibility while reducing odor. The socks, which feature a unique motorcycle design that has become synonymous with the MotoChic® brand, are woven with a 200 needle count and provide 25 mmHg (high grade) compression. This grade of compression is ideal for improving blood flow and minimizing muscle fatigue and achiness for healthy, energized legs after extended periods of sitting, standing, or athletic activity.

    Customer feedback so far has been outstanding. "I received my compression socks the other day and today was the first day I was able to give them the 'acid test,'" says Wyman W., "I must say they are VERY comfortable and quite soothing. I have had them on since 5 a.m. this morning and will not take them off until about 5 tonight. My legs feel great! GREAT work on an outstanding product."

    MotoChic® Performance Socks are for athletes, travelers, hikers, bikers, runners and fitness buffs, as well as men with sedentary or standing occupations or special medical needs.

    MotoChic Performance Socks are constructed for your comfort with 25 mmHg (high grade) compression to provide extra TLC for your legs and feet.

    * Compression helps to energize legs and enhance performance through increased blood flow, quicker recovery, and decreased muscle soreness after extended physical activity or sitting

    * High quality polyamide fabric offers comfort and flexibility while reducing odor

    * Knee-high length offers protection from leg abrasions during outdoor activities

    * MotoChic® logo on the sole with signature moto print pattern woven with 200 needle count for comfort and flexibility.

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