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    • alanp10

      A 3day weekend would be great,but combined witha3day working week(but still withafair & sensible wage)would allow,onarota/shift system,for more people to be employed in the same number of positions,therefore easing the unemployment situation.It would easily be possible if only the people at the top of companies etc paid themselvesafair,proportionate wage to their actual needs in life,rather thanagreedy,ridiculously high wage that neither they nor generations on of their descendants will ever NEED in their lifetimes. The only reason they do this is to tie up currency out of circulation & to keep the status quo of subjugation.Thereis NO reason why in this day & age that anyone should need to work such long hours or as long or longer in their lives as they do except ‘control of the masses.Why have all the advances we have made in technology not brought this about yet?

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