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18 Struggles Of Not Living With Your Significant Other

Dammit, Good Pants, I knew I left you somewhere.

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1. Your favorite underwear magically migrates to the house that you are not at every single morning.

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2. Ditto your lucky pants.

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3. Ditto that very important document you definitely need for work.

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4. So you have to lug all of your possessions with you wherever you go.

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An easy way to impress your boss is to accidentally pull a thong out of your bag when you're looking for a pen.

5. Or else buy duplicates of all your favorite stuff.

RIP your life savings.

RIP your life savings.

6. Having to deal with subpar bathroom products.

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Especially if your S.O. is a dude.

7. (Not to mention subpar roommates.)

8. Feeling wicked guilty for spending so much time at your S.O.'s house when you still pay for your own rent.

9. Needing to map out different routes to work every morning.

10. And heaven forbid they live farther from work than you do.

You'll never get back those precious hours of sleep.

11. That all-too-familiar "your place or mine?" dance.

Which starts off all cute and coy at the beginning of a relationship and quickly turns militant.

12. Wanting a pet but knowing you definitely won't be home often enough to take care of it.

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13. (And maybe killing a plant or two.)

Succulents all the way!

14. Stocking your fridge, but then missing the opportunity to use the groceries while they're still fresh.

15. And, because of that, going out to eat or settling on take-out more often than you'd like.

16. Cleaning up at their house but it doesn't actually alleviate any of ~your~ chores.

17. But it's all worth it, because at the end of the day you have your very own space to go home to.

18. And you're even more excited when you do get to hang out.

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