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    Your Cat Could Be In "Breakfast At Tiffany's"

    The upcoming Broadway show is holding a casting call to fill the iconic role of Cat.

    The play is premiering on Broadway next month and needs a feline star to match up with the rest of its cast, which includes Emilia Clarke (neé Daenerys Targaryen). Interested cats (slash their opposable-thumb-and-Internet-having owners) are asked to submit photos.

    Director Sean Mathias told Broadway World, "Holly Golightly's beloved companion, 'Cat', is one of the most famous felines in all of literature...We will search high and low until we find the perfect animal to take on this role." As well they should; Cat is maybe the most delightful yet deeply complicated character in a movie populated with delightful yet deeply complicated characters.

    Does your cat possess the detached, inquisitive air required to play this part? Does its very soul seem to vibrate with untold wisdom? Most importantly, does it like to jump off stuff?

    OMG this scene. Rip our hearts out some more, Audrey Hepburn/mostly Cat.

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