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    32 Incredibly Cool Yarn-Bombings To Brighten Your Day

    This is the coziest graffiti imaginable.

    1. Payphone-Turned-iPhone

    Lorna from Knits For Life upgraded this obsolete piece of technology in downtown San Mateo considerably.

    2. Filling In The Cracks

    Flickr: 39380641@N03

    Juliana Santacruz Herrera brought life to the streets of Paris.

    3. Meter Monster

    Hanasaurus Rex turned even the most terrible thing ever into something lovable.

    4. Snuggly Sled

    Artist Olek created this Brooklyn installation.

    5. Breakfast Telephone Pole

    By Disgrace Yarn Bomber in Brunswick, Australia.

    6. Dressed-Up Trees

    By Twilight Taggers in Brunswick, Australia.

    7. Patchwork Bench

    The Fredericksburg, VA Area Museum and Cultural Center sponsored a yarn-bombing this past fall.

    8. Unrideable But Still Totally Perfect Bike

    In Fitzroy, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, where yarn-bombing has taken over.

    9. Keeping Statues Decent

    It's totally a thing. By Garnapa.


    In Denmark.


    Ishknits gave Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo a makeover.


    Queen Victoria got one too, from community members in Adelaide, Australia. Basically the US needs to up its game on the yarn-bombing front so we can even come close to matching Australia.




    This project in Santa Rosa, CA was overseen by a neighbor named Judy Kennedy, who said that it was "too darn cold" even for the stone statues.

    16. Jazzed-Up Phone Booth

    This is one of the great classics of the genre. By Deadly Knitshade as part of Knit The City in London.

    17. Blinged-Out Bus

    Yes, yarn = bling. By Madga Sayeg, considered by many to be the "mother of yarn-bombing, in Mexico City.

    18. Snakes On A Pole

    19. Fleet Of Covered Cars

    By a Russian yarn-bombing group named, aptly,

    20. Crazy-Quilt Tree

    21. Wooly Town Center

    Jo Collier William Wools oversaw the community yarn-bombing of Kirkland Kendal in the UK.

    22. Squid Taxi

    Like you do. By Deadly Knitshade in London

    23. Stop Sign Flower

    Over 100 signs were bombed in San Diego before the city asked that the project stop. However, over a year later some of the flowers were still up and intact. Here's the crochet pattern if you want to beautify your own neighborhood.

    24. A Phone Pole Becomes A New Friend

    Albeit a kind of creepy one. By Guerrilla Crochet Castedu in Cagliari, Italy.

    25. Be-sweatered Guitar

    By Maggie, part of Guerilla Crochet Casteddu.

    26. Fountains of Yarn

    27. A Necessary Reminder

    28. Balloons On A Building

    29. "Izzy Loves Seth" Pole

    Something tells me that Seth feels the same way. In Maryland.

    30. "Ciao Bella" Tree

    Garnapa bombed a tree outside her youngest son's school in the hopes that it would help the kids "learn Italian and feel appreciated."

    31. Lace And Barbed Wire

    Crystal Gregory juxtaposed doilies with barbed wire all across New York as part of her Art In Odd Places exhibition.

    32. Yarn-Bomb-Cat-Bomb

    Indisputably the best kind. By Donna Kelly.