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19 Motivational Embroideries You'll Actually Want To Own

"Save water, drink wine."

1. For the not-so-morning people.

2. For the caffeinated.

3. For when there's no way you're going out tonight.

4. For the vitamin-deprived.

5. For those in need of a role model.

6. (Or two.)

7. For the stoners and the aspiring Marthas alike.

8. For fans of breakfast and dark-haired women.

9. For those on the hunt for a new diet.

10. For getting in touch with your feminine side.

11. For those who need a reminder of what's REALLY important.

12. Like, REALLY REALLY important.

13. For environmentalists.

14. For envisioning a better life.

15. For those who say hi to their haters.

16. For anyone who's going after something they want.

17. For the magical among us.

18. For when the world doesn't appreciate your majesty.

19. For when you need a reminder.