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    25 Clever Nail Ideas For Halloween

    Whether you're dressing up from head to toe or forgoing a costume entirely, let your fingertips get in on the Halloween action.

    1. Frankenstein Nails

    Find out how to do it here.

    2. Jack Skellington Nails

    Get the tutorial here.

    3. Zombie Decals

    Available here.

    4. Jason Nails

    Find out how to do this gory manicure yourself here.

    5. Googly Eye Nails

    6. Googly Eyes: The Lazy Route

    Or just glue a bunch of googly eyes on.

    7. Candy Corn Nails

    This is adorbs regardless of where you stand on the crucial candy-corn-versus-not debate.

    8. "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" Nail Decals

    You'll get a rush of childlike nostalgia whenever you glance at your hands.

    9. Spiderweb Nails

    Get the directions here.

    10. Eyeball Nails

    They're always watching (in Polish).

    11. Splatter Nails

    Find out how to do this surprisingly easy technique here.

    12. Bloody Nails

    13. Mummy Nails

    14. Horror Movie Villain Decals

    Get them here.

    15. Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost Nails

    16. The Crazy-Simple Glitter Manicure

    All it involves is adding a little orange glitter atop a black gel polish look.

    17. Gothic Fingertips

    A dusting of black powder will create a look that's as dark as your soul.

    18. Bloody Fingerprint Nails

    Created by diluting red polish and finger-blotting it onto the nail.

    19. Gory Nails

    This manicure looks so real, people will be asking you if you're O.K.

    20. Cat Face Manicure

    A clever way to do a spooky black cat. You could use a Sharpie to draw on the accents.

    21. Celestial Stamped Nails

    Paint your nails in a gradient and use a Konad stamper for the moon & stars effect. Time-consuming but so worth it.

    22. Vampire Nails

    Required: a tiny, tiny brush and reliable artistry skills.

    23. The Dexter Manicure

    A great and easy option if you're a) a Dexter fan and b) suck at nail art.

    24. Glow-in-the-Dark Half Moon

    Normal nails by day, Halloween nails by night.

    25. Black on Black Nails