17 Hacks To Help You Survive A Wedding

    Love is patient, love is kind, love will make you sit next to the bride's great-aunt-in-law and want to stab yourself with a salad fork.

    1. Smuggle in your booze bridesmaid-style.

    2. Or, for a slightly less subtle approach, invest in a wine purse.

    3. Don't sweat giving a toast; there's a handy Mad Lib for that.

    4. Buy heel protectors so your shoes don't sink into the grass or get ruined by cobblestones.

    5. Prevent slippery soles from bringing you down.

    6. Dispel static cling with a wire hanger.

    7. If you lose or forget cufflinks, a binder clip will serve in a pinch.

    8. Tie a bow tie (for yourself or for someone else) in a hurry.

    9. Follow the gospel of Andrew WK.

    10. If it's an open bar, avoid eternal shame with this app.

    11. Banish wine mouth with these incredible wipes.

    12. Get rid of deodorant stains with these guys.

    13. Think you don't know how to dance? Wrong.

    14. Remember someone's name when you've totally blanked.

    15. Vet your potential wedding hookup carefully.

    16. Combat a hangover with these easy tricks.

    17. And if the wedding happens to be yours, and you'd prefer to never forget your anniversary, you might consider this little number.