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    19 Wedding Planning Hacks That Will Save You So Much Time And Money

    Whether you're throwing a lavish party or a courthouse gathering, you can always save yourself some hassle.

    1. WeddingScan allows you to add any item to your wedding registry.

    Just scan barcodes out in the wild to your heart's content.

    2. Sign up for a wedding-specific email account.


    To help organize your RSVPs, vendors, and nitty-gritty details (and to keep all that spam out of your personal account when you're done.)

    3. Number your RSVP cards.

    So even if you get a response that's unreadable or missing a name, you'll still know who sent it.

    4. Break in shoes in advance of the day (for yourself and the bridal party) with a blowdryer.

    5. Sandpaper will help de-slip-ify soles.

    6. Veil weights are a bride's best friend on a windy day.


    Buy a set here.

    7. And Solemates will keep heels from sinking into the grass.

    8. Make a seating chart in a flash with color-coded sticky notes. / Via

    Find out more about this DIY here.

    9. If there'll be kids in attendance, give them a favor that will keep them entertained. / Via

    i.e. not screaming as you recite your vows. Find this free printable here.

    10. If you haven't set up a joint back account, ask that guests giving checks make them out to "[your name] OR [your spouse's name]," not AND, since some banks can be fussy about that.

    This is useful to keep in mind for when you're attending weddings as well.

    11. iWedPlanner is an app that will help you easily keep track of all the details.

    It's especially useful for separating your different expenses.

    12. Keep Wine Wipes on hand to eliminate the dreaded wine mouth on the day of.

    They're available here.

    13. If you're worried about static cling, run a wire hanger along your gown.

    It'll keep it from sticking to the slip.

    14. Programs that double as fans will keep guests cool on a hot day.

    Find these here.

    15. Keep snacks on hand for the wedding party post-ceremony and pre-reception.


    Photos can take a long time to get through and you don't want anyone passing out in the meantime.

    16. An envelope sealer, gluestick, or foam brush dipped in water will save your tongue from licking all those envelopes.

    This sealer is available here.

    17. A personalized return address stamp will save you from writing out your info over and over again.

    Get a custom one here.

    18. For a fun and low-pressure guest book idea, ask guests to fill out mad libs with advice.

    This can double as a last-minute toast for a forgetful best friend as well.

    19. Invest in this handy lil ring to make sure you never forget your anniversary.

    It warms up every year on the proper day. Ah, true love!