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Posted on Jul 8, 2013

23 Ways To Make Your Kid Feel Like The Royal Baby

Because why should Will and Kate's spawn get to have all the fun??

1. The crown goes without saying.

Get this one here.

2. As does the wine-glass-Mason-jar-bottle of his or her wildest dreams.

Thought you'd never go to Spencer's again? Wrong.

3. Before the little one's arrival, make sure you're prepared.

4. Every prince or princess needs a castle.

5. And a ridiculously high-tech stroller.

Like the cell-phone-charging, light-up Origami.

6. Or this Porsche model.

7. Or your average everyday projector-and-speakers version.

8. Warn the ladies of court what's to come.

Get it here.

9. Invest in a Burberry diaper cake.

Because Burberry, and diapers, and cake.

10. Or a truth-telling pillow.

11. Read to the baby from one of these timeless tomes.


13. Buy her an outrageous carriage.

Only $11,500 from Posh Tots, which is a real business that really exists.

14. Buy him a luxuriant mustache pacifier.

There's nothing more royal than truly A+ facial hair.

15. Buy him OR her a rocking horse that tells the world what's up.

16. You know what's mad fancy? A $17,000 pacifier covered in diamonds.

17. Less fancy, but more affordable: a rhinestone-encrusted training toilet.

Get it here.

18. Nothing says "I own you" like a monogrammed diaper cover.

Customized version available here.

19. Invest in a fancy enamel tooth box.

The Royal Tooth Fairy leaves behind the deeds to entire duchies. Available here.

20. And a tea set fit for an aristocrat.

Available here.

21. Babies can't eat cake, but you sure can.

22. If you crochet, make your little heir the ultimate in royal finery.

And if you don't, this is as good a time as any to learn.


For MINI POLO. Or just like, to hang out with forever.

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