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    17 Things That Will Take Reading To The Next Level

    Once you've already bought like 12 books, that is.

    Zoë Burnett / Buzzfeed

    1. Invest in a floating caddy so you can read in the pool.

    Or the bath, or wherever your aquatic lil heart desires.

    2. Or if you prefer to be water-adjacent, try this face-down lounger.

    Get it here.

    3. A pillow-wedge will make reading in bed actually comfy.

    For longer than like, twenty minutes. Get this one here.

    4. Read one-handed with the aptly-named "Thumb Thing."

    All yours for the low price of $5.

    5. Or if you're feeling crafty, make one yourself.

    Find the directions here.

    6. Don't have enough space for a library AND a table and chairs? Wrong.

    Find this snazzy ensemble here.

    7. Fulfill your childhood dreams with bookshelf that doubles as a secret door.

    You can actually buy one, because sometimes the world isn't such an awful place.

    8. Get this floor-mounted magnifier if you could use some zooming in.

    Available here.

    9. If you're lugging around a stack of different-sized books, interlock the covers to prevent them from tipping over.

    10. This magical app lets you digitize your physical library.

    It searches for free or discounted e-book versions of books you already own.

    11. This clear book weight lets you read outside on even the windiest days.

    Available here (in Japanese).

    12. Remember that anything can be a good bookmark in a pinch.

    cerberus666 / Via

    Like a Kindle.

    13. Really, anything.

    TinysKILL / Via

    14. I said a n y t h i n g.

    coppersense / Via

    15. Read into the wee hours with light-up glasses.

    16. Fill your home (or office, or any room you happen to be in) with the smell of old books.

    Get these candles here.

    17. And a personalized library kit will ensure that your books always make it back to their rightful owner.