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    37 Ways To Have The Most Delightful Picnic Ever

    Food is the best. Food in nature is even better.

    1. Pick the right spot.

    2. Or make the best of wherever you happen to be.


    4. Get the right blanket.


    6. If you're feeling crafty, make one yourself.

    7. Line any blanket with a shower curtain liner to keep it from getting damp.

    8. Invest in a backpack that carries all the essentials.

    9. Easily carry your wine bottles by wrapping them in your blanket.

    10. Keep utensils from getting dirty by attaching them to clothes pins.

    11. Turn your bike into a portable bar.

    12. Pack individual lunchboxes.

    13. You can even make your own lunch contaners.

    14. Pack spices in straws for easy transport.

    15. Ensure your hot dogs never fall apart again.

    16. Or your sandwiches.

    17. Let muffin pans be your new best friend.



    20. And muffin liners are rad in re: keep bugs out of your drinks.

    21. Repurpose egg cartons to serve food as well.


    23. Also surprisingly versatile: watermelons.


    25. Speaking of watermelon, serve it pre-cut and on a stick.

    26. Keep your wine glasses and bottles from tipping over in the grass.

    27. They make them for cans as well.

    28. Serve food kebab-style.


    30. Serve birthday cake truffle-style.

    31. Individually packaged wine makes outside drinking a breeze.

    32. As does a picnic table with a cooler trench.

    33. Mason jars are excellent ways to transport food for picnics.



    36. Show ants who's boss.

    37. You can always enjoy a picnic of your own no matter where you are.