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    17 Stop-Motion Vines That Make The World Seem So Much Better Than It Is

    If only you could effortlessly summon all the beer on the planet.

    1. Imagine a world where you controlled transportation.



    4. Where your bed was just a hop away.

    5. Where Oreos dunked themselves.

    6. (Before being carried away by ants that sprang forth from your own hand.)

    7. It's a world where someone's always there to bring you beer.


    9. Where tiny yetis snack without fear.

    10. Where tissues fight back.

    Sometimes you're the tissue, and sometimes you're the hand.

    11. And Legos reign supreme.

    12. The rules of the human body would no longer apply in this new, strange terrain.

    13. Fiction would become all too real.

    14. Onerous tasks would be a breeze.


    16. The inanimate would achieve self-awareness.

    17. And your fortunes would reveal themselves.

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