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21 Valentine's Gifts They'll Actually Want To Receive

Oh, you bought $70 worth of already-wilting vegetation? Thanks.

1. Rubber wine glasses for bath/poolside lounging.

2. A watch that tells the damn truth.

3. A bust of Ron Swanson.

4. A light-up spatula for romantic midnight grilling.

5. A T-shirt that celebrates the important things in life.

6. Lego heart necklaces.

Get the pair here.

7. This deeply moving card.

8. Or this one.

9. Or this one.

10. A set of scalp massagers.

11. A sleep mask that says it all.

12. Painting lessons from Bob Ross.

13. A pajama-warmer.

14. The most heartwarming necklace the world has ever seen.

15. The world's largest Scrabble game.

16. (Barring that, a walk-by Scrabble board for competitive couples.)

17. A luggage tag for the world traveler.

18. Han and Leia bath towels.

19. A selfie toaster???

20. Fox underpants.

21. A pixel heart mug.