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29 Unmistakably Phallic Design Fails

These designers really blew it.

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3. This building.

Torre Agbar / Creative Commons / Flickr: faceme

6. This Pokémon.

I c u Combusken.

7. This tableau at UT Austin.

10. This neti-pot.

Emily Lewis / Creative Commons / Flickr: eplewis

14. This family-friendly water park attraction.

15. This stunning crystal chandelier.

16. This old-timey screw.

weegeebored / Creative Commons / Flickr: kenningtonfox

17. This well-mowed patch of grass.

18. This balloon sculpture.

19. This slide, for children.

20. This hat about fly-fishing.

23. This elegant diamond ring stand.

Did you know that the lil hole (on a penis, not a ring stand) is called a "meatus?" Now you do.

25. Whatever this is.

Michael Coghlan / Creative Commons / Flickr: mikecogh

26. This Minecraft plush toy.

27. This truly unfortunate paperclip.

29. This skirt.


(Check out the @thatlookslikeadick Instagram account for more gems like this.)