20 Unbelievably Tiny Knitted And Crocheted Things

Warning: Your whole entire heart is about to explode. Sorry.

1. Miniature Sweaters

Just imagine the thing small enough to wear one of these. Now stop, you’ll hurt yourself.

2. Tiny Penguins

These next few amigurumi (little crocheted stuffed toys) are all by the incredible Su Ami and available in her Etsy shop.

4. Teensy Piglets

7. Little Kiwi Bird and Even Littler Egg

8. Miniscule Snail

9. Diminutive Radish

And these next few are from Mochi Mochi Land. The site is run by the incredible Anna Hrachovec, and nearly all of these patterns can be found in one of her many books and kits.

10. Microscopic Snowmen

13. Itty-Bitty Pills

Whatever makes you happy.

15. Small Woody Allen

16. Infinitesimal Carrot

17. Bitsy Dr. Who Characters

18. Lilliputian Cavepeople

Using only this GIF to express all my feelings from now on.

19. Bite-Size Sumo Wrestler

20. Meta and Mini Knitting Basket

Available to buy here.

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