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8 Unforgivable Beauty Mistakes You Made As A Tween

'Sup, raccoon liner and sperm-brows?

1. Tween problem: Overplucking your eyebrows to death.

Grown-up solution: Fill in sad patchy brows with powder.

Because for real:

2. Tween problem: Too much heat-styling.

Grown-up solution: Embrace your hair's natural texture.

3. Tween problem: Raccoon eyeliner.

Grown-up solution: Try a simple cat-eye.

4. Tween problem: Braces that made it look like your teeth were sprouting fungus.

Grown-up solution: Basic, ignorable grey.

5. Tween problem: Caring SO MUCH about what brand your lipgloss was.

Grown-up solution: Dance what you feel.

6. Tween problem: Hairstyles so tight they caused actual pain.

Grown-up solution: A low, easy style you can completely forget about when it's done.

7. Tween problem: Too much glitter.

Grown-up solution: Carefully deployed glitter.

8. Tween problem: Too. Damn. Much.

Grown-up solution: Chill.