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    The 17 Most Twee Sex Toys Of All Time

    Sometimes vibrators can seem a tad intimidating. You know what's not intimidating? Flowers and cupcakes and Hello Kitty!!!

    17. Cupcake Vibrator

    16. Popsicle Vibrator

    For those long, sticky summer nights.*

    *I'm sorry.**

    **Nope, nvm, I'm not.

    15. Heart Vibrator

    14. Rubber Ducky Vibrator

    It floats! And shakes! And ruins your memories of Sesame Street forevermore!

    13. Hello Kitty Vibrator

    12. Flower Vibrator with Detachable Cock Ring

    Because every flower needs a detachable cock ring.

    11. Mini Teddy Bear Keychain Vibrator

    So you can always have it close at hand.

    10. Daisy Vibrating Egg

    9. Little Alien Vibrators

    One of them is, apparently, named "Clitt." Cool.

    8. Dolphin Vibrator

    7. Beaver Vibrator


    6. Animal-Shaped Vibrating Bullets

    They look like the cast of some cultish animated TV show where every character has a different accent. Except, like, for grown-ups.

    5. Cow Remote-Control Vibrator

    Putting the "ooooooooo" back in "moooooooo."

    4. Monkey Clitoral Vibrator

    Omg hiiiiii.

    3. Turtle Clitoral Vibrator

    Omg hiiiiiiii X2.

    2. Bunny Muse Massager

    Everyone's heard of the Rabbit, but this lil' guy is here to win your heart.

    1. Love Bunnies

    Unless these guys get to your heart (or other vital bits) first.

    H/T Summer who might not actually want the H/T but oh well.

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