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21 Totally Crush-Worthy Literary Characters

You get to imagine exactly what they look like, they know all kinds of witty banter, and they'll never, ever leave you — book crushes are way better than the real thing.

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3. Harriet Welsch from Harriet the Spy

Harriet was the incredibly charming combination of fiercely independent, curious, ambitious, flawed, and caring. She totally made you wish she'd write nice things about you in her notebook, and you'd have taken down Marion Hawthorne with her any day of the week.


4. Encyclopedia Brown from Encyclopedia Brown

OKAY REAL TALK: why didn't Encyclopedia and Harriet cross paths in their respective fictional universes and date? Come to think of it, maybe they did, and eventually grew old together as philosophy and English professors at a small, highly selective liberal arts college located in the scenic Hudson Valley.


9. Tibby Rollins from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

So Bridget was supposed to be the *sexy* one, and Carmen was *curvy*, and Lena was so beautiful that eventually Ann Brashares ran out of adjectives to describe her (JK ILY), but for real it was all about Tibby: small and cynical and punk-haired, who went through so much loss and change and came out the other side with the sweetest sense of gratitude without ever losing her kickass edge.

Plus her boyfriend got wicked hot over the course of the series so it was easy to get a couple-crush on them both.

10. Nick and Norah from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

UGH TALK ABOUT COUPLE-CRUSHES AMIRITE. I would be lying if I said that this book wasn't a medium-sized reason I first wanted to move to New York; clearly it's all about eating pierogis with tousle-haired bassists and busty geniuses after midnight. Also: makeouts.


13. Alanna from The Song of the Lioness

I died when I found out there was an actual series of books about a redhead named Alanna (spelled the way I spelled it, no less!) and then I died twice when I discovered what a complete gender-bending kingdom-saving BAMF she was. Also, remember Jonathan of Conté? If you are a human with a pulse who so much as touched one of these books, you totally do.

14. Dave the Laugh from Confessions of Georgia Nicolson

Lol if you were ever Team Robbie or Masimo or any of those other clowns who managed to hold Georgia's attention for even a fraction of a second while this paragon of perfection was in the picture.


17. Susan Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia

Susan got a raw deal: she basically got kicked out Narnia for growing up and starting to wear lipstick. But before she vanished from the series completely, she was super hot and sweet and never once betrayed her entire family in exchange for Turkish delight, which is gross anyway.

21. Sherlock Holmes

Encyclopedia Brown grew up to become him (after an Oxbridge education and a fair amount of cocaine). Imagine sitting around a crackling fire, matching wits with him over a glass of port. Imagine what he'd do when you figured out that the butler couldn't possibly have been left-handed because look at how he did up his French cuffs. Imagine.