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    Posted on Jul 3, 2013

    19 Totally Bizarre Pieces Of Americana

    "O'er the laaaaaand of the [steak], and the home of the [$7.99 belly button rings]!"

    1. Steak

    What's more American than a giant hunk o' meat?

    2. Traffic Cones

    Unless it's sitting in sweltering bumper-to-bumper traffic along a major thoroughfare.

    3. Rubik's Cube

    4. Eyeshadow


    5. Lipstick

    6. Belly Button Ring

    7. Bong

    8. Toilet Seat

    9. Uncle Sam Dog Art

    10. Uncle Sam Guinea Pig Pendant

    11. Tween Tie

    12. Diaper Cover/Tutu

    13. Secret Hollowed Out Book For Your Flask

    14. Marshmallows

    15. Color Contacts

    16. Hair

    It's the new ombré.

    17. Horrifying Doll

    18. Almost-As-Horrifying Doll Head Brooch

    19. Mustache Pacifiers

    For the America-loving hipster baby triplets in your life.

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