TIME's Person Of The Year Hasn't Been A Solo Woman In 26 Years

    President Obama won this year, but women like teen activist Malala Yousafzai and Yahoo CEO Marisa Mayer were shortlisted for the title.

    2012: Barack Obama

    2011: The Protester

    2010: Mark Zuckerberg

    2009: Ben Bernanke

    2008: Barack Obama

    2007: Vladimir Putin

    2006: You

    2005: Bill and Melinda Gates, Bono

    2004: George W. Bush

    2003: The American Soldier

    2002: The Whistleblowers

    2001: Rudy Giuliani

    2000: George W. Bush

    1999: Albert Einstein (Person of the Century)

    1999: Jeff Bezos (Person of the Year)

    1998: Kenneth Starr and Bill Clinton

    1997: Andrew Grove

    1996: Dr. David Ho

    1995: Newt Gingrich

    1994: Pope John Paul II

    1993: The Peacemakers

    1992: Bill Clinton

    1991: Ted Turner

    1990: The Two George Bushes

    1989: Mikhail Gorbachev (Man of the Decade)

    1988: Endangered Earth (Planet of the Year)

    1987: Mikhail Gorbachev

    1986: Corazon Aquino