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    19 Delightful Harry Potter–Inspired Things For Your Office

    Accio every cute notebook in existence.

    1. These wand-lookin' pens.

    2. This Marauder's Map Moleskine.

    3. This desk calendar marked with the most important dates.

    4. This laptop decal that gives away your darkest secret.

    5. Or this decal that turns your laptop into the Sorting Hat.

    6. This mug that will make you either giggle or groan.

    7. This charging station that pays homage to Voldemort?

    8. This mouse pad that shows off your credentials.

    9. Or this mouse pad that your hand might just slip right through.

    10. These pencils engraved with your favorite lines.

    11. This metal bookmark that will make you sob whenever you look at it.

    12. This Daily Prophet pencil case.

    13. This pedantic but correct notebook.

    14. This "Owl Post" stamp.

    15. This broomstick pen.

    16. This Hogwarts-themed writing quill and stand.

    Get the set from Etsy for $39.

    17. This personalized notepad.

    18. This Hogwarts seal.

    19. This miniature notebook for big thoughts.