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    27 Things You'll Only See At Costco

    You're telling me I don't need a 200-pack of Fruit by the Foot and the world's largest teddy bear? Shut up.

    1. Abraham Lincoln wearing Crocs.

    Abraham Lincoln spotting at Costco. best part is he's wearing crocs

    2. The world's largest bottle of wine.

    3. The most enormous teddy bear to ever roam the planet.

    4. (And the most enormous teddy bear graveyard.)

    5. This eternal truth.

    I had to show my membership card, drivers license, purchase receipt, give a DNA sample & get a dental checkup to get out of this Costco

    6. Toilet paper samples.

    Lmao only at Costco can you get a sample of Toliet paper to take home t

    7. A sneaky pineapple.

    8. An absolutely gargantuan jar of Nutella.

    9. A chocolate bar the size of a human.

    10. Lonely Santa.

    11. This boss-ass kid.

    12. This monument to Spam.

    13. This tower of seaweed snacks.

    14. This ocean of erotica.

    15. Guns filled with tequila.

    16. A helicopter.

    Only in Orange County do they sell helicopters at Costco #why

    17. A nine-course meal of free samples.

    18. This.

    19. A wedding dress being sold next to some tires.

    Only at costco! Pick up a wedding dress and some tires. #fb

    20. A new friend for Grandma.

    My grandma has already made a friend at Costco & we've only been here for 5 mins.

    21. A lifetime supply of Kinder eggs.

    A guy just bought 56 boxes of kinder eggs. Only at Costco

    22. This terrifying Francophile.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my god I just died. Only at Costco

    23. This resourceful warrior.

    24. This party animal.

    25. This manna from heaven.

    26. This mesmerizing sight.

    27. Abandoned children.

    Low key I think my dad just left me at Costco

    Mom thinks it's funny she left me at Costco

    Thumbnail image by Chris Potter / StockMonkeys via Flickr Creative Commons.