20 Things You'll Find At A Craft Camp For Grown-Ups

    At Brooklyn Craft Camp, there are more pop-poms, paper flowers, and Project Runway winners (read: one) than you've ever seen in your life.

    1. A warm welcome.

    2. New buddies.


    4. A Project Runway winner.

    5. A pom-pom bar.

    6. Here's how:

    7. Voila! A lifetime supply of pom-poms.

    8. Perfect for subtle, tasteful jewelry.

    9. New skills, like printmaking.

    10. And paper-cutting.


    12. And embroidery.


    14. And jewelry-making.

    15. And crepe-paper-flower-making.

    16. And terrarium-building.

    17. Each one was totally different.


    19. Even the couch had its own sweater.

    20. And the cocktails had their own washi tape flags.