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15 Things You Should Never Say To A Crafter

Best not to piss off anyone wielding a hot glue gun.

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7. "You know, you could have just bought that from Anthropologie."

Hey cool, let me just hand over my life savings for something covered in teeny hedgehogs.

The correlate to this is when you're shopping with your friends and they're like, "Oh, that's cute, but you can totally just make it for me."


9. "Can you fix this rip? And that tear? And reattach these zippers? And also this dress doesn't fit right in the waist, want to take a look at that too?"

12. "Aww, you're just like my grandma!"

Grandmas are rad but that doesn't mean we always want to be compared to them. This especially applies in situations where the offender in question is trying to pick you up.

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