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    19 Things You Can Do When Your Roommates Aren't Home

    No pants is good pants.

    1. The one cardinal rule: No. Pants. Ever.

    Other clothes totally optional as well.

    2. Eat all your meals directly in front of the fridge.

    3. Leave the bathroom door wiiiiide open.

    4. PROTIP: Stay in your own space, fool.

    5. And unless you're both cool with it, same goes for food and drinks.

    6. Call over your boyfriend/girlfriend/FWB/weird neighbor who you always kind of thought was cute for some no-holds-barred kitchen nookie.

    7. If your boo is out of town:

    8. And let's be real:

    9. Watch all the dorky movies that always make you cry and bawl away.

    10. If you're super neat, catch up on all that cleaning you've been itching to do.

    11. And brush up on your organization.

    12. If you're not so neat, take time to revel in your own squalor.

    13. Crank your most absurd music and go to town.

    14. If you have a pet, converse freely and openly with it without fear of judgment.

    15. Throw a rager.

    16. Or curl up with a good book.

    17. Turn the AC or heat as high/low as your heart desires.

    18. Order delivery from the place literally across the street without shame.*

    19. Sit around and wait for them to come back.