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19 Things You Can Do When Your Roommates Aren't Home

No pants is good pants.

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9. Watch all the dorky movies that always make you cry and bawl away.

No one will poke their head into your room to ask if someone you love just died and so you can enjoy Chance's journey of redemption in peace. Bonus points if there's a communal TV you can have all to yourself.

11. And brush up on your organization.

Although I wouldn't recommend this particular idea if your roommates are, like, interested in locating their favorite book or whatever ever again.


13. Crank your most absurd music and go to town.

Although maybe don't go to town quite hard enough to disturb your cranky downstairs neighbors who once called the cops when you had like seven people over to play Cards Against Humanity.

18. Order delivery from the place literally across the street without shame.*

*Except for the shame you feel in front of the delivery person. UGH WHATEVER THAT'S WHY 30% TIPS WERE INVENTED.


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