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    17 Things Only A Monster Would Do At The Grocery Store

    Hahahah I could have sworn you were trying to sneak 11 items into the 10-item express lane! My bad!!!

    1. Violate the sanctity of the express checkout.

    2. And cut the hallowed line.

    4. Ignore one of society's most basic rules.

    5. Party too hard.

    6. Extreme-coupon a little too extremely.

    7. Lob projectiles.

    8. Make the same hilarious joke as every other living human.

    baptain_brunch / Via

    9. Try to fill a void with a hapless employee.

    10. Take a long, long journey.

    11. Get creative while putting things back.

    12. Leave a trail of chaos.

    13. Move in.

    14. Be a bird.

    15. Pay with sweat-marinated money.

    16. Treat the store as your personal trashcan.

    17. And totally jump the gun.