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    15 Things Mason Jars Are Really Thinking

    You've been using them for way too many DIY projects for way too long, and now they're fighting back.

    1. "This is so undignified."

    2. "Help me I can't breathe."

    3. "You know what kind of adult needs to eat food out of a glass jar? A BABY."

    4. "If you ever actually erase this chalk and write a new thing, I will have a heart attack."

    5. "Ow."

    6. "Your friends look like idiots."

    7. "I hope your whole house burns to the ground."

    8. "You boozehounds are aware that I cost more than like three glasses from Ikea combined, right?"

    9. "Hope you had fun ripping up culture."

    10. "It was never supposed to be like this."

    11. "Look on the bright side: we're probably poisonous."

    12. "Wow, almost as good as actually going outside."

    13. "I guarantee you I will live longer than this relationship."

    14. "Jesus Christ, it's rank in here."

    15. "Kill me."