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    These Pop Culture Icons Are Carved Entirely Out Of Crayons

    Wax Nostalgic features basically every character you've ever loved, rendered with nothing but good old-fashioned Crayolas.

    1. Hoang Tran has carved dozens of familiar figures out of Crayolas.

    Like Daria, DUH.

    2. They're made entirely out of wax.

    Sup, Jack Skellington.

    3. And many are for sale on Etsy.

    Ay yo Beauty and the Beast.

    4. There's the cast of Adventure Time.

    5. Batman's villains.

    6. Star Wars.

    7. Some llamas.

    8. And TARDISes.

    9. Studio Ghibli characters.

    10. The house sigils from Game of Thrones.

    11. Tran also takes custom orders. You can get you and your boo made of crayons for a wedding cake.

    Listing here.

    12. Or you can get your dog!

    For more, check out the Wax Nostalgic Etsy store.

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