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The Secret Lives Of Sample Photo Models

Those little picture frames contain multitudes.

1. "In ten years I'm going to get something pierced that you haven't even heard of, Mom."

2. "I haven't walked in days!"

3. "Did you know carbs can kill you?"

4. "Kathy, I may or may not have just pooped my pants."

5. "He smells like the inside of a shoe."

"She smells like unicorn vom."

6. "I've never steered a boat before, but how hard can it be?"

"I wish he were anyone else at all."

7. "If he doesn't trim his mullet before the wedding I'm running away with his dad."

8. "You know what your heartbeat reminds me of?" "What, honey?" "That Train song."

9. "Ugh, bored."

10. "Roxanne," he whimpered. "That hurts." She giggled and tightened her grip around his throat.

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