Evidence The Queen Can Have Fun Doing Absolutely Anything

Liz cannot stop smiling. Even when she visits a factory.

1. Queen Elizabeth II stopped by the Poppy Factory to watch employees make the iconic flowers.

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She went in honor of Remembrance Day, which recognizes British veterans who have died in the line of duty. It’s also called Armistice Day or, fittingly, Poppy Day.

2. She seemed really happy to be there.

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3. The Factory has made over 12,000,000 poppies and 107,000 wreaths this year.

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They also help wounded and returning veterans find employment in the United Kingdom.

WPA Pool / Getty Images
WPA Pool / Getty Images

6. These ones were made especially for the Queen and the Royal Family.

Hi Kate! Hi Will!

7. This dog was very dignified in the presence of the Queen.

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The dog’s name is Kerrie and belongs to one of the Poppy Factory employees as a guide dog.

8. This solar-powered model of the Queen looked on as the real one made her rounds.

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My roommate has one of these. It waves.

9. She even made her own poppy.

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10. And left looking even more delighted than when she’d arrived.

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