The 15 Most Miserable Animals At SXSW

They don’t even have iPhones or opposable thumbs so why did you make them come all the way to Austin.

1. This lonely dog.

Hope his owner is enjoying the Interactive panel on DIY porn apps in the social age.

2. This exhausted pooch.

Getting to the convention center all the way from his Airbnb was tough.

3. This lizard who doesn’t want to hear about your startup.

4. The dog who has to endure this hat.

5. These captives who just want the breakfast tacos they were promised.

6. Clifford.

The big ennui-riddled dog.

7. Scooby Doo.

He’s calling his agent demanding an upgrade to Clifford next year.

8. This dude who hates waiting in line for the bathroom.

9. This horse who knows your band will never actually make it.

10. This dog who doesn’t believe in selfies.

11. The rabbit/beaver/monster who gave his likeness to this car.

12. This monkey who just realized he’s late to a film screening.

13. This puppy who doesn’t understand QR codes.

14. This dog who really isn’t into kissing up to celebrities.

Not even Sophia Bush, of One Tree Hill fame.

15. And the most miserable of them all:

Even Andrew W.K. couldn’t make SXSW less awful for Grumpy.

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