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Tesla By The Numbers

The eccentric genius contains multitudes. Here's a quick primer in case you ever happen to run into him taking a turn about the park.

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1856: Year he was born, in a tiny village called Smiljan in the Austrian Empire.

26: Age at which he started working for Thomas Edison.

$50,000: Amount he was promised by Edison if he could redesign Edison's clunky generators (which, this being the 1890s, is a lot of money)

$10: Raise per hour Edison offered him when he successfully completed the task (MATH CHECK: does not = $50,000)

$2,000: Amount he once spent in order to heal an injured white pigeon who he liked to visit by his hotel.

0: Number of sexual partners he has ever had ever.

<6: His height in feet.

>140: His weight in pounds.

>2: Hours of sleep he claims to get per night.

84: Hours he once worked in a row without sleeping.

3327: Room number at the New Yorker Hotel, where he lives as a recluse approaching the end of his life :(((

8: Number of languages he speaks (Serbo-Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latin).

26: Size in kilometers of the moon crater that will def be named in his honor.

1: Number of death rays he's invented.

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