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    11 Gifts Only A True Psychopath Would Ever Give


    1. A bag of all yellow Starbursts.

    2. Socks that look like you're wearing sandals.

    Like a goddamn MONSTER.

    3. A bottle opener fedora.

    4. A 55-gallon keg of lube.

    Personal lubricant is great; 55 gallons of it are not.

    5. A shockingly realistic scrotum backpack.

    Cool, great, awesome.

    6. A vape disguised as an inhaler.

    7. This mug fit only for the dregs of humanity.

    8. Jean underpants.

    9. A card that won't stop playing music.

    Until it runs out of juice, of course.

    10. An enormous variety of gifts on Amazon.

    Here are many ideas but I bet you can get creative too!

    11. A Hogwarts acceptance letter.

    This is actually adorable, except for the harsh reminder that YOU DON'T GET TO GO TO HOGWARTS HAHA SUCKER.

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