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Posted on Feb 26, 2014

18 Sweet Deals You Can Get With Your Student ID

That flimsy piece of plastic is worth so much more than the ability to swipe into your dorm.

Your college ID is a veritable font of free and discounted stuff. Always check with an establishment beforehand to make sure these deals haven't changed, and it's also worth asking at your local spots if they have their own offers.

1. You can get a discounted membership and $15 gift card at Sam's Club.

Which will bring you one step closer to being able to cheaply and efficiently fill a bathtub with Dunkaroo's.

(That is my dream, it should be yours too.)

2. Get six free months of two-day shipping (on eligible items) from Amazon.

3. J. Crew offers 15% off to college students (and teachers!) with valid ID in-store.

4. Same goes for Madewell.

J. Crew is Madewell's parent company.

5. Banana Republic has the same deal.

Perfect for picking up a ~biz-cazh~ interview outfit.

6. And if you're more into thrift shopping, most Goodwill locations will give you 10% off.

7. On Thursdays, AMC offers discounted student tickets.

Cinemark has student discount days at certain participating theaters as well.

8. Sign up with CollegeBudget for access to tons of deals on textbooks, clothes, courses, and basically anything else you can think of.

It's pretty much Groupon for college kids.

9. StudentRate also offers excellent deals.

Like 10% cash back on any purchase from Sephora.

10. Jo Ann Fabrics has a student discount program that nets you 10% off nearly every purchase.


11. Topshop gives a 10% discount on in-store and online purchases.

Shaz Madani /

12. Check out Eastern Mountain Sports for 15-20% off.

Hannah Whitaker / New York Magazine / Via

You healthy, rugged outdoors(wo)man, you.

13. Get 20-30% off shipping with FedEx.

14. Get a New York Times subscription for a reduced rate.

Print subscriptions are 50% off and digital ones are only 99 cents for the first four weeks and then 50% off thereafter. You can also get 75% off the Wall Street Journal.

15. Get up to $200 off a new Apple computer.

16. Sign up for Amtrak's Student Advantage Card and save 15% on fares.

Lol hi Sam Student, u seem cool. Greyhound has a similar program, with 20% off.

17. And Eurail offers 35% off up to age 26.

So it's a discount for everyone, not just students, therefore even more totally effing great.

18. Lots of fast food restaurants offer discounts, although it varies depending on the policies of franchise owners.

Dairy Queen is one such chain, as is Arby's, Domino's, McDonald's, Chipotle, and many more. Be sure to check with your location, however, as exact discount and participation are subject to change.

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