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19 Heartbreakingly Adorable Food Miniatures You Can Buy


1. Weensy bagel earrings.

2. Teensy grilled cheese necklace.

3. Microscopic holiday dinner.

4. The littlest breakfast in bed.

5. Bread basket fit for a baby mouse.

6. Macarons no bigger than a crumb.

7. Hamentaschen earrings that will make you say "GAAHHHHHHHHHH".

8. The cutest raw meat you've ever seen in your dang life.

9. Itsy-bitsy ramen.

10. Minute sushi.

11. Thanksgiving turkey ring guaranteed to get an "I do."

12. Miniscule pizza charm.

13. Wee Nutella ring.

14. Small-scale hot sauce cufflinks.

15. Ridiculously small corn flakes necklace.

16. Doughnuts that will brighten any day.

17. Small whisk and even-smaller eggs.

18. Ickle toasted sandwich.

19. Fried chicken you'll salivate over.