25 People With Better Names Than You

Somebody get their parents some medals.

1. Speed Weed

2. Fuzzy von Stauffenberg

3. Dick Smothers

4. Kash Register

5. Muffin Lord

(She’s a dean at Rutgers.)

6. Cumming Cherry

7. Kelly Drinkwine

This name is also a complete sentence, and a very important one at that.

8. Jack Mehoff

Also a sentence, although, ick.

9. Tahra Dactyl

Tyler Anderson, National Post / Via

10. Lawless Love

11. Harry Hole


12. Poprah

If only.

13. Pickles Dansie

15. Mary Jane Puffer

17. Young Boozer

18. Krystal Ball

19. Whoever this is.

20. And whoever this was.

Nikoretro / Creative Commons / Flickr: bellatrix6

21. Chuck Norris

The other one.

22. Dick Butz

23. Dr. Doctor

24. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Shout out to the player with the best name: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix #NFLDraft

— Veronica de Souza (@HeyVeronica)

25. Chris P. Bacon

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