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    20 Ingenious Solutions You Wish You'd Thought Of First

    "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!" is the hallmark of a truly brilliant discovery.

    1. Photocopying the back of something you need to hang perfectly.

    2. Using a nutcracker to twist open a tough cap.

    3. Zip-up headphones. / Via

    TANGLES, BEGONE. Get them here.

    4. Twister sheets. / Via

    Use your imagination.

    5. Imprinting cookies with rubber stamps. / Via

    You'll look mad domestic. Be sure to use clean stamps, obvs.

    6. Turning a cheese grater into an A+ earring holder. / Via

    Again, stick to graters that haven't recently come in contact with a block of Parmesan.

    7. Painting in corners with a pointed roller.

    8. Using lawn stakes to keep your beer from tipping over in the grass.

    The ultimate tragedy.

    9. Backpack umbrellas.

    10. Mugs with room for your tea bag. / Via

    Get it here.

    11. Using cookie cutters to carve pumpkins. / Via

    Into ~zany~ shapes!

    12. Keeping track of dosage schedules on the actual medicine bottle. / Via

    Perfect for regulating a child's medication.

    13. Slip-proof ledges for shaving your legs. / Via

    Or whatever else you like to shave. Get it here.

    14. Candles-slash-forks. / Via

    Because who wants to spend valuable time between the candle-blowing and the cake-destroying? Nobody I want to know.

    15. Inflating a blanket fort with a box fan.

    16. Giving Voldemort a plug nose. / Via

    Maybe if he'd had one he wouldn't have been so cranky.

    17. Flipping over a side table to make a swanky pet bed.

    18. Hiding beer in a giant fast food cup.

    19. Ear guards that protect against heat styling. / Via

    If you know the singular pain that is singeing your lobe via curling iron, you'll buy these immediately.

    20. And the ultimate:

    You could've quit your job and you'd probably be relaxing on a beach somewhere getting your toes massaged if you'd come up with this first. NICE GOING.

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