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23 Signs That Aren't Doing Their Jobs Right

You had ONE JOB.

1. This super-fun playground.

2. This one-stop shop.

3. This wifi pregnancy.

4. This very harmful gluten.

5. This questionable advice.

6. This less-than-effective warning.

7. This door with an identity crisis.

8. And this exit.

9. This health code violation.

10. This existential cry into the abyss.

11. These poor children.

12. These poor senior citizens.

13. This poor dog.

14. These highly meta directions.

15. This unconvincing firewood.

16. This ban on something that I didn't even know was possible.

17. And this one.

18. This lulzy church.

19. These defiant chairs.

20. This ringing endorsement for modern technology.

21. This cheery little bit of optimism.

22. This helpful credit card swiper.

23. This.